My Chef to Go For People On The Go

Food cooked in your home, by your Personal Chef and their kitchen helper.

Cooking Lessons

We provide private cooking lessons that allow you to learn to cook anything you want and cooking lessons for high school graduates with the goal being to teach the basics of how to cook on a budget.

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How "Make My Dinner Simple" works

A Chef can make a lot of food in a short time! Our 9 hour day translates into 7 dinners for four, and baked goodies. Save time on grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleanup.


Contact My Chef to Go we will book a free consultation where we will discuss your food preferences and decide on a dinner menu and a cooking day.


Your Chef will arrive in your home with their kitchen helper on your cooking day to prepare your 7 day dinner menu and baked goods!


They will shop for the groceries, cook, portion your meals and clean up the kitchen. Save time on grocery shopping. Grocery charges can be reimbursed to the Chef upon arrival in your home or taken from your Grocery Account.


All you will need to do is reheat the meal that was prepared from scratch, especially for you.

See How It All Works

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We're Proud Of What We Do

We save you time on grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleanup.

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